WWW.e have your data is an alternative Google AdWords campaign using personal and confronting search keywords to lure you into more online crypto and privacy awareness.

It is a provocative Google Adwords campaign using one’s potentially awkward or confronting online search keywords (such as surveillance, diarrhea, weapons, addiction or lasnudas) to trigger and display a message suggesting that one’s personal data has been kidnapped. The ad then led to the Crypto Design Challenge site, an open call to submit ideas for making data encryption more accessible to all, serving as entries for the MOTI museum exhibition ‘Design my privacy’. The campaign thus altered an online surveillance marketing technique that is normally used by commercial parties, and combined this with personal data that could be painful if shared. Over a month, a broad online audience was confronted with the campaign (generating thousands of targeted clicks on a modest donated ad budget) and was so made more attentive of (adversarial)surveillance practices.