The increase of outdoor media, such as screens in public spaces has been growing rapidly over the last years. This has consequences for the way we perceive public space and for the interactions and social processes that take place within. As part of a growing omnipresent technology infrastructure that is emerging in our cities, the role these outdoor media may play in influencing public space comes with many beneficial opportunities, such as supporting communal interaction, which have yet to be fully discovered...


Smart Systems for Smart Services
The Smart Services for Smart Systems research program focuses on new sensing technologies in the field of public media interaction and care.

BiebBeep is an interactive touch screen which has been placed in the New Library in Almere. The screen presents constant new and updated information to the visitors of the library. The system’s special feature is that people can add information to the screen themselves. The information displayed on the interactive screen is not only about the library itself, but also about the city of Almere in general, and cultural happenings in Almere in particular.

ITour investigates the potential and acceptance of using (sensor) technology and ambient media to collect, uncover and interpret data regarding tourists’ movements, behavior and experiences in the city of Amsterdam.

Outdoor media companies in the Netherlands often experience resistance against public screens, such as on the part of municipalities, urban space managers and on the part of the citizens. The SpaceSee project addressed this challenge by aiming to demonstrate and increase the potential and added value of public media screens for use in outdoor public spaces. In collaboration with different parties such as UNStudio.