The Digital Life centre is a research lab at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA). Our goal is to understand and create digital solutions for public wellbeing in urban context. We focus on innovative and creative ubiquitous (sensing) technologies, digital information in everyday life and understanding its bigger (data) picture. We conduct research in the real world, in close collaboration with the professional field and industry, together with and for users, in which we see Amsterdam and environment as our Living Lab.

* Digitale Vertrouwens Infrastructuur, 2021 | Next Generation Internet 2020
* Co-Well: Co-Creatieve methoden voor welzijn op afstand, 2020 | ACIN ontwikkelgelden 2020
* FAIR: Geen woorden maar data | Urban Vitality seed money 2020
* Digitaal Bewegen op mAAT: Behoefte onderzoek | Urban Vitality seed money 2020
* Zichtbaar slimmer: Data fysicalisatie voor de 21ste eeuw | SIA KIEM
* Co-Care-IT: User-Centred Design for the informal caregiver | Urban vitality funding
* FIT: Matching the needs of people with dementia and caregivers | EZ TKI
* BRAVO: Fall alert interface | SIA RAAK MKB
* Smart Systems for Smart Services | SIA RAAK pro
* BiebBeep: an interactive screen for supporting public Library 2.0 information and social services (Nieuwe Bibliotheek Almere)
* SpaceSee: Interactive public spaces | SIA RAAK mkb
* Virtual Worlds for Well-being | COMMIT
* Care4Balance: a system for planning and sharing care | AAL Europe call 5
* Health-lab | Provincie Noord-Holland & Ministerie van Economische Zaken

For further info, please see
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