With the Corona pandemic, physical, social and mental well-being are under pressure. Digital solutions, such as accessible maker tools, tangible interfaces, Internet of Things and smart sensing, can help to support and bridge distances. However, vulnerable groups in particular run the risk of being digitally excluded. Moreover, face-to-face research and co-creation is now difficult in the new distant society that is brought on by the Corona pandemic.

We propose to explore new co-creative methods that are needed for enabling responsible, tangible insights and grasp on what is happening now. This in relation to happy and healthy living during the pandemic itself and in the broader creative picture of our current long-term distant digital society. By collectively creating, studying and sharing new insights and best practices, the idea is to better adapt to this situation and reinvent appropriate digital, physical and creative solutions and strategies for remote research and design in a smart, participatory and responsible 1.5-meter society.


- Showcase website Connectedcreative.nl with best practices and different inspiring articles around the Co-Well theme

- Happy activities: Development of various websites for sharing and engaging in happiness-increasing activities with different target groups (AUAS Student project with 25 students from the course Enterprise Web Application)

- Happy toolkit for remote user research (with students from AUAS minor Caring technology)

- Music playlist on Spotify for co-creative inspiration from a distance

- Questionnaire results for identifying issues and solutions from professionals

- (S)how your distance: On-line tool that can estimate the distance between you and another person using the camera of your device (computer or smartphone)


- SPUI25: ‘Van tekentafel tot praktijk’ – Werken aan Welzijn in Coronatijd (October 27, 2020)

- Co-Well: Co-Creation meeting